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A few notes

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I have become a bra snob. But in the most sincere way ever, and because of this, I have a few notes I would like to share.
I should state first that the clothing store I work at is a sister store to a very nice lingerie shop specializing in plus size lingerie and cup sizes up to K!
Despite every style column, talk show(Oprah bra intervention) and what not, giving out bra education, women still seem to be wearing the wrong size.
Point # 1. You get what you pay for. and generally speaking if your paying less than $80(at full price) your not getting a good bra. So, LaSenza and Victoria Secret are places for pj's and novelty items, not a good bra.
Point # 2. A D cup size is not large. And DD's are not reserved for strippers or the like. %50 of women are a D cup and above! So, don't go "I could never fit into a D, it's wayyy to big". However, saying that, a 44D has a larger CUP than a 36F. The cup size changes with the band, a C cup is not the same in a 32 as it is a 38. So, if you wear a 36C now, try a 34D if you found the band loose. The same goes for if your a 32E and have a too tight band, a 34D will have the same cup capacity.
Point # 3. You should always start a new bra on the loosest hook, they will stretch and you want that band to fit snugly. Your band should set parallel to the front and back. If it rises up, it's too loose. If you gain weight, get a bra extender.
Point # 4. Put the damn thing on properly! Like most women, your breast tissue starts near your armpit, you have to smooth it in! Also, please note that your underwire should come around to the side of your breast.

Now, I know that was alot to handle, but I want to leave you with a few finishing remarks.
That whole measure your bra size, doing the band + inches and then the cup thing doesn't work. Go to a professional. I did that and it said I should be a 40B. Considering I'm wearing a perfectly fitting 34F, I doubt that would work.
Please for the love of god don't machine wash your bra's
Alternate the days you wear the same bra, the elastic needs time to recover.
Lastly, I know it's alot of money to shell out, but hey you were just going to spend it on going out and starbucks anyway, what's 2 months of that, for a bra that will last you years
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