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Will I retain my virtue

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LOLVogue is my new guilty indulgence

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Dear Phillip Lim,
Stop watching old 90's movies.

And Balenciaga.
Your just trying to test out your fashion-godlike name.

But McQueen, you stole my heart this spring.
I love your space age 40's.
I love the hats.
I love the play on shape.
I love you so much I can even forgive the big sholders.

* * *
I love it when I breath in my scarf
And I smell bodyshop Amorito laced with Chanel No. 5
It's innoxicating
* * *
Inspiration boards are done. This makes me super happy.
Going to St. Lawrence Market tommorow, this makes me even more happy.

I got myself a white board to write down everything that is due for the next 13 weeks.
It's frightning.
Week 4 is the start of hell.
I love how in week 7 we have our pant draft and pattern due, we have to draft our jacket, have an annotated bibliography for history of costume due, a critical review for symbosis due and our marketing mid-term.

* * *
So far school seams very exciting yet frightening at the same time.
They really weren't kiding when they said work load increased...
Farrr to much money has been spent on books
I am overly excited for art supply shopping at places other than curry's
And a few of my teachers seem to be very awesome.
* * *
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I sinned beyond belief today.
I went into Pet super store or whatnot in Langley and played/cuddled shamelessly with cavilier pups for a good 20mins.
Oooooh puppies
Small puppy bums and big ears equal ultamite cuteness
* * *
Okay Vancouver folkies
I need suggestions of cool places I can take my mom for dinner on thurday, because it's her birthday
Location variable
* * *
I had a crazy and amazing dream last night
And then my mom woke me up
I hope I finish it off tonight
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horny horny
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goodngiht and go - imogen heap
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They changed the formula of St. Ives Apricot Scrub.
It's less gritty now, therefore less exfoliating.

How do they expect me to keep up this sinfully soft and clear skin?

Plus, I am such a douche, I left my toner in TO.

* * *
The Spice Girls are getting back together
This brings me soo much joy.

I am in the process of making a cake
Okay, so...the cake turned out too fluffy
I'm makin one of those 'mad hatter' cakes
But alas, I shall make a pound cake...i can carve that.
I don't even want to eat a cake. Or a slice. I just want to decorate it...

* * *
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